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PBCX Consulting is a company focused on helping small and medium-sized technology companies, market and sell their products and services. We accomplish this by augmenting or out-sourcing your company's sales functions.

The concept of out-sourcing, has been very successful in many types of businesses and professions. It allows companies to acquire the resources and help they need, while mitigating risk, time and expenses. On the sales side, this is a very new concept, but it provides the same benefits. PBCX can provide a very comprehensive sales team at fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional resource, by executing a plan; you have a greater chance of success. We provide exceptional accountability, directed at your satisfaction.

Our niche market has been working with smaller to medium-sized companies, where key personnel are wearing multiple hats (multitasking) including: Managing resources, running the company, accounting and finally finding time to drum up new business. We alleviate this concern; PBCX augments your current sales function, while provide piece of mind.

We will prepare a custom solution designed specifically to meet your company's goals and aspirations. By participating in our Discovery Process, PBCX will understand your company's goals and objects, solution set and success criteria. Using this information, PBCX will put a comprehensive proposal together designed to meet your needs, complete with accountability and success metrics.

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"People buy for their own reasons, not the salesperson's reason..."
- David Sandler

That being said, "It is our job as sales people to uncover the real pains that the prospect is having, with out projecting our reasons into the sales process. We have to ask the right questions to dig down to the real issues."
- PBCX Team

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