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We may want to sell our products or services through PBCX. Where do we start?
First, we will initiate a Feasibility Study to determine if potential exists for your product and/or services in your markets. This Feasibility Study will address your goals, expectations, target markets, what competition exists, product or service demand, sales channels, differentiation and barriers to entry in order to present a realistic assessment of your potential success.

The Feasibility Study shows that market potential does exist.   What next?
Second, we will work with your company to develop a Sales Partnership Proposal. This will be the "road map" we follow to achieve your desired goals. It will include the sales strategy, process and methodology that defines the sales plan and channel to meet your goals and expectations. It will also include a pricing structure for PBCX’s services. Once this second step has been completed we will begin to train your sales force after we have agreed to terms and signed a contract.

How long does this take?
Typically, the Feasibility Study/Discovery Phase and proposal stage takes a week to complete. We usually begin the sales process documentation within two weeks and begin designing the team.  We can have your sales team calling on customers within 30 days of initiating our relationship. Most clients can expect to begin achieving sales revenues within two to three months of program initiation.

What will this cost us?
Our Business Development Service is a monthly fee and commission based, and depends upon the size of the sales force required, sales cycle, brand awareness of the client, and other systemic factors.

Our fee-based services include:

  • Feasibility Study / Discovery Phase
  • Sales Process and Strategy Development
  • Team Training
  • Sales Management
  • Selling and Business Development
  • Sales Administration
The performance-based portion includes:
  • Commission on gross sales revenues

Our services are customized for each client. Therefore, the total cost will vary dependent upon the actual services required and the requirements of your sales force.

When are fees due?
Monthly sales fee is due the first day of every month and can be prorated if we begin a client engagement in the middle of the month. Commissions are due 50% upon entering of order and 50% upon payment by customer, but no more than 30 days after the sale is consummated.

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