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Our Value and Process
Creating Real World Value

BASED ON YOUR COMPANY'S SPECIFIC NEEDS, our Business Development teams develop programs based on your unique needs. We develop your solutions to include both a comprehensive sales and marketing plan with accountability metrics. This effectively reduces your time-to-market with delivery of your specific offering by incorporating the right mix of team structure, sales metrics, cost-effective marketing and accountability.

When companies procure expensive technology, understanding the business reasons and specific ideas. This project team may be spread across functions, SBU and geography. As a result, you have to drill through and around the organization to find the right people for your technology.

Effective technology prospecting demands an understanding of the technology, and the business issues that drive a project. PBCX Consulting, not only uncovers basic information such as budgets, timeframes and technology, we also determine why your prospects are looking to buy and what the consequences are of not implementing a solution.

One of the major weaknesses of traditional lead generation for complex sales is that it focuses on the individual. While you may get some information about a project, it may be incomplete or biased. The buying cycle is key to any complex sale. An opportunity cannot be a "lead" until the dynamics and requirements of the buying cycle are understood. With PBCX's Partner Service we contact multiple members of the buying center to reveal a highly detailed picture of the sales situation. We uncover each persons concern, the business problems they need to solve and how they will make their buying decision. We even track members of the buying center across business units and geography.

A "Lead" is not a "Opportunity" until it meets pre-defined criteria. Opportunities that do not meet these criteria should be nurtured by the prospecting team until ready for the sales executive. PBC uses a more advanced definition of "Opportunities" than traditionally used in lead generation. A PBCX "lead" typically has the following structure:

  • Identify the scale of the Opportunity
  • Reveal the Pain Points and outline the reasons to purchase the solution
  • Determine the value and identify the budget
  • Identify the economic buyer and the decision making process and document the players
  • Current technology (applications, platforms, databases, etc.) has been identified
  • Document the steps

PBCX will uncover the pain, define the budget and decision making process, document the business drivers, write the proposal and negotiate the close of the sale. Throughout this process, we work with our business partners.